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Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment

Curriculum Adoption Schedule Revised 
Oregon's State Board of Education revised the curriculum adoption schedule at their June 2018 meeting. 2019-20 is a non-adoption year; that is, the subjects scheduled for adoption in 2019-20 were pushed to 2020-21.
Throughout 2019-20 the District CIP Team will finalize its Continuous Improvement Plan, which will help guide instructional goals for the next three years. District Curriculum Teams may begin looking at curriculum standards and materials in preparation for the 20-21 adoption year.
To make up for this gap, three subjects will be up for adoption in the 20-21 School Year: World Languages, the Arts and English Language Arts. Oregon Department of Education will be 
Social Science Adoption Year Results
Grades K-12 teachers review the revised Oregon Social Science Standards during the 2018-19 SY. Because new Social Science texts were adopted for secondary grades in 2015, the District did not  adopt new materials at the 7-12 level at this time. Secondary Social Science teachers reviewed the revised standards and adjusted their instructional plans to align.
Grades 4-5-6 worked with the District Curriculum Office to develop curriculum maps and create planned course statements for the revised Social Science standards at those grades. A curriculum materials proposal was presented to the Board. Pearson's MyWorld Social Studies for Grade 4 and 5 and Pearson's World History and World Geography were approved at the June 2019 meeting. Materials were purchased and will be used in classrooms beginning Fall 2019.
A copy of newly adopted curriculum materials is kept on hand at the District Office for public review.
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