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Long Range Facility Planning Committee » Long Range Facility Planning Committee

Long Range Facility Planning Committee

The LRFPC held its first meeting March 6, 2017 and has met 12 times over the course of the past year. The committee’s task involved reviewing the Facilities Master Plan (which outlined the current conditions of all BSD facilities), reviewing program needs to meet 21st century educational requirements, gathering information from a wide variety of stakeholders (including district staff and community members), considering potential renovation and/or new construction options, and identifying potential sources of funding. During this process, LRFPC members toured all BSD educational facilities as well as school district facilities in Hermiston, Morrow, Nyssa, and Pendleton. They have met with a team of architects and professionals who helped to identify areas of improvement within our current facilities. The goal was to come out of this process with a set of priorities to focus on and a recommendation for the school board of how to address these priorities.

Presentations to the Board
Long Range Facility Planning, Committee Members include: Rosemary Abel, Aletha Bonebrake, Kevin Cassidy, Charlene Chase, Richard Chaves, Tabor Clarke, Josey Gaslin, Sonny Gulick, Bruce Nichols, Pat Heriza, Ma’Lena Wirth, Mark Johnson, Chris Knoll, Katie Lamb, Tammie McEnroe, Kim Mosier, Dawn O’Grady, Beth Shirtcliff, Tim Smith, Dan Srack, Jeff Tomac, Jim Tomlinson, Craig Ward, and Mark Witty.