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Welcome to our New Business Manager

Baker School District received approval from the school board Thursday night to hire Michelle Glover as business manager. As such, Glover will assume the lead role in the district’s financial department. Superintendent Witty commented, “Michelle Glover brings excellent experience to the school district. She had incredible references that consistently spoke to her integrity, knowledge and work ethics. I am pleased to have her in this critical leadership position for the District!”

Glover comes to Baker City from northern California where she has worked as business manager for the last three years, serving five school districts in Redding, California. In the course of her job, she worked for five superintendents, attended five school board meetings every month and negotiated 11 union contracts every year.

“It's a tough juggle,” she said.

Glover grew up in McKinleyville, a town of approximately 15,000, located on the northern California coast. Her early experience in business came from an internship at Yakima Products, a leading manufacturer of outdoor sports racks and gear for cars and bikes. During her year as an intern, she would first finish her work in the mail office and then was free to help in other departments. Through this experience, she learned about marketing, quality and returns, and how to be a switchboard operator.

“I was exposed to so much. It was an incredible experience,” she said.

Following this internship, Glover spent 12 years in the banking industry where she learned the ins- and outs of financial transactions. Then Glover switched to finances in the education system.

“It was a huge change,” she said.

She moved to Eastern Oregon in 2005 where she handled payroll and benefits for four years at the Ontario School District. She returned to California in 2012, but her love for Eastern Oregon remained strong. Glover and her husband, Alan, have vacationed in Eastern Oregon every July for the last four years.

“We've been drawn to the area,” she said.

After she applied for the business manager position, Glover decided they should visit during the winter to make sure they still liked the area in a different season.

“People were so incredibly friendly,” she said. They are looking forward to taking advantage of many hiking, fishing, and hunting opportunities available in Eastern Oregon.

“We're excited about finding new adventures. It's a dream come true,” she said.